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  • All executive meeting coal machinery group
    Release Time:2016-07-14
  •     On July 6, at nine o 'clock in the morning, is located in yueqing economic development zone of coal machinery group headquarters big meeting room, subsidiary of executives from all over the country a total of more than 60 people gathered to, participate in the largest group in the new headquarters for the first time all the executive work of the meeting.
    Meeting shall be presided over by the general manager Steve leung, he briefly introduced the theme of the meeting; The chairman Shi Huahui topic report.
    Shanghai chuangli group co, general manager of GuanYaPing, Yang yong, general manager of China coal machinery technology company, China coal BaoXiu hydraulic machinery company general manager, China coal machinery group, general manager of marketing center Liu Gengxiang respectively about the feelings and comments.
    The meeting was grand and warm, has reached the expected purpose.