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  • evelopment and application of high pressure intelligent large flow Emulsion Pumping Station System for ten thousand ton fully mechanized face
    Release Time:2017-05-22
  • On 19th May 2017, “Development and application of high pressure intelligent large flow Emulsion Pumping Station System for ten thousand ton fully mechanized face” product appraisal and new product promotion meeting held by Zhongmei Machinery Group Co., Ltd. subsidiary company (Zhejiang Zhongmei Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.) successfully in Yueqing – Zhongmei Group.

    This achievement appraisal and the new product promotion meeting will take "independent research and development, the high-end manufacture, alternative import, World leader" as the topic. The meeting was presided over by Liu Feng, who is the vice president of China Coal Association. Cai Meifeng -- academicians of the Academy of engineering, Zhang Tiegang, nearly 80 experts and leaders of coal enterprises throughout country attend the meeting. Chen Weiyan -- vice mayor of Yueqing city, Chairman of Zhongmei Group Shi Huahui, General manager Liang zhi, Shi Liangxi -- chairman of ZZMT, Yang Yong -- general manager of ZZMT, attended the appraisal meeting. During the meeting, Group Chairman Shi Huahui introduced the general situation of the group, Yang Yong general manager of ZZMT introduced the technical results of the special work for the accreditation committee, and details of the key technologies and innovations of the project.

    The emulsion pumping station project was designed by British experts, adopt British technology, cite many new ideas and new technologies. The liquid supply system (emulsion pump station, automatic proportioning device and concentration on-line detection device), water supply systems (spray pump station and water treatment equipment), filtration system (inlet backwash filter station, liquid backwash filter and high pressure backwash filter) and monitoring system (centralized control console and mine frequency converter) etc. advanced industry design has been developed independently. Compared with the existing domestic products, it has many advantages: imported ceramic materials, has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, long service life, no maintenance, and less maintenance cost input. Imported sealing materials, has the advantages of good wear resistance, long life, better sealing effect, long maintenance cycle, and save more than 25% of the cost of wearing parts. The lubricating oil in the crankcase adopts an external cooling and heat radiating device, which has good cooling effect, low oil temperature in the crankcase, and can reduce the loss of lubricating oil by at least 30%, and reduce the later maintenance input. Pump pressure and flow is the largest in the country, the most beneficial to the realization of centralized liquid supply, high pressure remote liquid supply radius of 3 km. Pump pressure up to 37.5MPa, single pump flow up to 630 L / min.. The average trouble free time is more than 9 months, during which there is no need to open the box maintenance and reduce the cost input. The liquid distribution module of emulsion case can mix the liquid according to the emulsion concentration requirements, eliminate waste. Fluctuation of emulsion ratio is small, the continuity of the liquid supply is good, enhanced the lubrication performance of support cylinder, reduced the cylinder failure rate and replacement times. And the use of imported filters for water quality pretreatment, improved the service life of equipment, saving equipment costs at least 20%. The control system is based on the centralized distribution control mode, unattended, saving the cost of personnel input. Automatic switching work / frequency operation, prolong 30% of the service life of the pump, save more than 40% of electric energy. Able to analyze and process data feedback from the working face, so as to control and monitor the pumping station system, realize automatic mine production, and comprehensively promote the construction of digital mine.

    This appraisal committee is composed of 16 domestic experts. The experts learnt the development of the project technical report carefully, review the test report, the novelty search report, intellectual property certificate and other technical data, and the detailed investigation and practical demonstration of the prototype. After identification, committee experts seriously discuss and comprehensive proof, unanimously identified, The production technology and product performance of this project are both in the level of “International advanced, domestic leader”. Adopted new technology, new material and new technology with multi supports to achieve intelligent high end pumping station system with long life, high reliability and large flow rate, fill the gap of domestic. It provides a new technical scheme for the coal field, and has broad prospects and application and promotion value.

    Emulsion pump station system development and application of science and technology projects passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements successfully, the scientific and technological achievements identification and new product promotion was concluded successfully. Finally, Zhongmei Group chairman said, when we meet new opportunities and challenges, Zhongmei Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. relies on "quality to achieve the great goal, innovation to get success" core value of Zhongmei, Give full play to brand, R & D, technology and other advantages, Combining innovation and development, developing our company to be stronger and better, strive to become China's energy equipment manufacturing field leader.