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  • BRW400/31.5 emulsion pump station
  • Product series: emulsion pump station
    Product Name: emulsion pump station BRW400/31.5
    Product model: BRW400/31.5
    Main technical parameters:
    Adaptive range and application:
    The emulsion pump station is mainly to provide high pressure emulsion for the coal mining face, as the power source of the hydraulic support and the working face conveyor. A variety of different flow and pressure of the emulsion pump station, can be used to meet the general working face, top grade general mining face and the different requirements of the fully mechanized working face. Emulsion pump station is generally composed of two emulsion pump station and an emulsion tank, one of which is a pump, and the other is spare. Also can be applied to make a three emulsion pump and an emulsion box consisting of three pump a box of pumping stations, including two pumps at the same time, another spare.
  • Description

  •  Product series: emulsion pump station
    Product Name: emulsion pump station BRW400/31.5
    Product model: BRW400/31.5
    Main technical parameters:
    Adaptive range and application:
    The emulsion pump station is mainly to provide high pressure emulsion for the coal mining face, as the power source of the hydraulic support and the working face conveyor. A variety of different flow and pressure of the emulsion pump station, can be used to meet the general working face, top grade general mining face and the different requirements of the fully mechanized working face. Emulsion pump station is generally composed of two emulsion pump station and an emulsion tank, one of which is a pump, and the other is spare. Also can be applied to make a three emulsion pump and an emulsion box consisting of three pump a box of pumping stations, including two pumps at the same time, another spare.