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  • Creative unlimited with 5S
    Release Time:2018-04-04
  • On May 26th 2017, we had 5S knowledge contest activities under the organization of the Labour Union. With the development of 13th Five Year Plan of our company, our company's 5S work has entered the seikeetsu and shit-suke phase, in order to keep the factory perfect and in good shape, we should earnestly maintain after finished seiri, seition, seiso. And improve the shit-suke of personnel at same time, to develop the habit and style of strictly adhere to rules and regulations.

    The finance department of ZZMT won the first prize, digital control workshop 1 won the second prize and Digital control workshop 2 won the three prize after the fierce competition. It’s clear to all of us through this race: 5S management is the standard of environment and behavior construction. It is to create a clean, bright, safe and comfortable working environment, create a scientific working order; improve employee team consciousness, behavior ability and quality; improve product quality, reduce production costs; modern management approach to enhance corporate image and efficiency, it is the foundation of all management work.

    This year, our company will move towards a higher sales target, and the production and management will continue to develop in leaps and bounds. Group companies require all employees to unify our thinking, raise awareness, and enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility in promoting 5S management, and do the normal production and management work at the same time. Highlight the key points, grasp the difficulties, seize the training, planning, typical three links, and promote the management of 5S; strengthen leadership, strengthen assessment, and deepen 5S management from three aspects of responsibility, mechanism and effectiveness. Improve our company's site environment with practical actions and improve our self-cultivation quality.